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79 – Revive Yourself – Matthew Wallden On How He Became A Chek Practitioner, The Challenges Of Working With Professional Football Clubs, The Effects Of Being Sedentary & Much More


I have been really lucky over the past few weeks to speak to some of the most intelligent and nicest people in the natural health world and today is no different as I speak to another world-class holistic health coach and wonderful person Matthew Wallden.

Matthew is has a wealth of knowledge on all things health. He is currently a senior health coach within the Chek Institute, and anyone who knows Paul Chek knows that title wouldn’t get given out lightly.

On today’s show we discuss:

  • How Matthew discovered Paul Chek’s work and started his journey with the Chek Institute.
  • The challenges of consulting for a Premier League Club (it’s not the players)
  • The effect posture has on mood and performance
  • How meat grew the human brain
  • The health implications of a sedentary life
  • The benefits of primal movements
  • The health benefits of running barefoot & much more

You can find Matthew here:

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