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78 – Revive Yourself – Emma Lane On Parasites, WiFi, Heavy Metals & More


This week we have the ‘Parasite Queen’ Emma Lane on the show. Her expertise goes far beyond just parasites though as you will hear.  Emma was highly recommended to me by Warren Williams and Paul Chek, and I can safely say she didn’t disappoint.

In this episode we discussed:

  • How Emma got so involved in studying parasites
  • The symptoms of a parasite infection
  • Why certain parasites prefer certain parts of the body
  • How parasites can change your personality
  • How you can pick up a parasite infection
  • The links between parasites and dementia
  • Whether or not you can transfer a parasite through sex
  • Why you should never eat sushi
  • Why you should NEVER let your pet lick your face
  • The many dangers and health concerns of wifi and EMF’s & much more
  • I could have talked to Emma for hours. She’s a wealth of knowledge and she was eager to share, which always makes these interviews much more fun. She will be back for round 2, and, we will hopefully make her a regular guest on the show.

You can find Emma here:

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