There’s More To Food Than Just Feeding The Body

There’s more to food than just feeding the body.
We have to remember the physical body feeds on food, the emotional body feeds on emotions, and the mental body feeds on thoughts and ideas.
However, what is happening today is that there are so many opposing ideas in every area of life that we end up confused and don’t know who to believe, so we end up with a mental hunger for the truth, and because our mind isn’t satiated and we don’t feel safe, we end up emotionally hungry for connection.
Instead of heading out to catch up with friends or family people spend hours sitting and staring at social media sites, which is becoming a big problem.
Research shows that facebook, instagram and twitter relationships aren’t creating healthy emotional connections at all, and instead people are going deeper into isolation.
It’s no wonder then that we keep hearing stories of depression and anxiety being on the rise, especially when you add these social media sites to what most people are consuming mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s a recipe for disaster.
We also have to consider that today’s world is largely driven by corporate interests and this leads to us always feeling like we are playing catch up.
Our computer is out of date, our phone is put of date, our ideas and thoughts are out of date. It can feel like you are dreading water and you are doing everything you can just to stay afloat.
Companies keep changing their products to keep you buying the latest and greatest fashion or technology.
We are throwing away things that have lots of life left in them just so we can keep up with the pace of the rest of the world.
We have to remember that nature doesn’t move that fast, and we have sucked nature into a vacuum just to make more and more things, and more and more stuff. And most of these items we buy will ultimately be replaced the following year or two.
Take plastic for example. Research shows it takes 3 times the amount of water to make a plastic bottle than the water that is stored in it. Shocking right?!
We have an island of plastic sitting off the Pacific coast of America that’s meant to be the size of Texas which is poisoning the planet and destroying the life that lives there.
All this to try and fill an artificially created void in ourselves.
We have to realise we are trying to fill an emotional and mental void through food and objects which is leading to ill health.
The food most people are trying to fill that void with isn’t even food.
Food is a living system, but refined, processed, and pasteurised “food” that can last months or years on the supermarket shelve isn’t food. It’s just atoms, and your body needs more than matter to live off.
If you eat food that’s dead, then as your body tries to process that “food” you deplete your enzymatic systems.
Do this for long enough and you will start to experience gut issues.
What starts out as a little bit of gas or bloating suddenly turns into a chronic gut issue where you can’t digest food because of the chemicals and additives that are on that food…
– and as there are over 68, 000 dangerous chemicals that are put into food, and 30%-40% of these food chemicals cause gastrointestinal inflammation, this becomes a big problem –
….then because you can’t digest some foods anymore you start to get a gut dysbiosis, and then all of a sudden you can’t digest anything any more.
You get crippling gut pain after you eat, followed by constipation or diarrhoea.
This in turn leads to a fungal infection, then a parasite infection, then you look like death, you feel like death, you have no energy, you swell up, you get hot, your joints ache, you can’t sleep, you’re anxious, your hormones are out of balance, you start to pile on body fat, your skin starts to break out, you lose your ability to do the things you love, and your self esteem and confidence hit rock bottom.
Sound familiar?
All because you were making poor choices in the supermarket with what you put in your mouth, and, because you were making poor choices on your laptop/tv/computer with what your where putting in your mind.
It’s time we paid more attention to what we are consuming physically, as well as emotionally and mentally. It all plays a huge part in our overall health.
Remember, if you’re doing this so are your kids.
So what’s it going to be?
More dead food, car crash reality tv, sitting on the couch for hours on end, other sedentary life style choices with little to no human interaction…
Fresh organic food, podcasts, books, human interaction, great conversations, exposure to sunlight, sports, movement, play, outside activity etc
The choice, as always, is ours.
Health & Happiness
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