Clay Masks & Toxins

One thing you can do naturally to reverse or slow down ageing, is to do a clay mask once a week.

The clay I am using here is called Rhassoul naturel du Maroc, which translated means natural clay from Morocco.

This Natural White Clay is a deep cleansing and nourishing for hair, body and face, and is extraordinarily rich in minerals.

Hassoun is a natural mineral clay which has been used for centuries by Oriental women for their hair and body care as part of the Hamman.

This clay is extracted from deposits located at the edge of the Middle Atlas in Morocco. It is a formidable purifying and absorbent clay, which is also soft and hypoallergenic.

The Rhassoul has the effect of tightening the facial features and it is suitable for all types of skins and hair.

It also has an incredible drawing power, meaning it is able to cleanse extremely deeply.

Another clay I also recommend is Redmond clay, and I like to switch between the two.

Rhassoul and Redmond clay also have amazing external uses when mixed with water into a paste, so not only will they help with removing impurities and toxins which can rapidly slow down the ageing process and improve your health, but, they can be applied to cuts, insect bites, bruises, bee stings, rashes, acne, aching joints and burns.

Another tip for reversing or slowing down the ageing process is to throw away all your toxic face lotions and potions and stick to pure, natural options such as raw organic virgin coconut oil. (There are other options too but for now I will stick to this one.)

Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your blood stream. This means you shouldn’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat.

Yes, that means even your highly expensive (and highly toxic/carcinogenic) cream from *insert company name here*.

The skin care industry, like the fragrance industry is unregulated, which means they can put whatever they want into your products.

Next time you pick up your expensive moisturiser have a look on the back and count how many ingredients there are. You get extra points if you can pronounce them.

Some of these huge companies are fighting big battles in court as their products have led to people breaking out in huge rashes, hives, and have been linked to cancer.

Only last year a jury awarded $417 million to a single plaintiff in a lawsuit linking Johnson & Johnson talcum powder to a woman’s ovarian cancer.

Yes thats right, Johnson & Johnson, that household family name. Unknowing of this most parents are still using Johnson & Johnson products on their babies without realising the damaging effects they could be causing.

Fashion and beauty magazines are another massive contributor to given millions of people terrible advice on their skin care regime.

Please stop listening to their fashion and their beauty therapists who tell you what the next “must have” highly expensive cream or lotion is to buy. What these people don’t know about health could fill a million libraries. (Bitchy I know, but true. We are talking about people’s long term health and sometimes you have to be blunt.)

Most women put 5kg of toxic sludge on their skin every year, and then people wonder why there are so many women with hormonal imbalances and advanced disease.

The body has to process the chemicals that are present in the “skin care’ products every day. This means most women’s bodies are under constant assault from Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, synthetic Fragrances, Formaldehyde, Phenoxyethanol, Alcohols, polyethylene glycols, Propylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol and SLS’s – that’s without even getting into deodorant.

These chemicals are endocrine disrupting and carcinogenic own their own, but when they are mixed to together they become a health disaster waiting to happen.

Everyday millions of women are pouring a extremely powerful toxic soup all over their skin. The worse part is, none of it is needed, there are great natural alternatives.

And men, don’t think you escape this either, with all the shaving foams and creams, aftershaves, and, now beard grooming products, we are following in a close second.

These male grooming products which have heavy amounts of oestrogen in them are causing all manner of health issues, with de-masculinisation and fertility problems being two major issues.

The truth is, your skin is a reflection of your internal health. The skin is the body’s largest detoxification organ and if your not clearing toxins through your main elimination pathways, such as your stool, urine, sweating and breathing, then your body will try to get rid of them through your skin.

This is why I when people ask me what they can do about their skin issues, I always tell them it’s an internal issue. When your internal health is good, so is your skin.

Clay’s, infrared saunas, and other natural detoxification protocols and products play there part in a healthy regime for clearing toxins and debris from the body so your skin has a clear and healthy look, but, unless your internal health is good, you’re likely to have reoccurring skin issues, or at best you will start to look old before your years.

So once a week, have a clay mask, an infrared sauna, get out and do some activity so you sweat, get on the rebounder, but most of all drink lots of clean water, and have lots of high quality fruits and vegetables, consume high quality meats and fats with the right amount of carbohydrates.

Do all of that and you will have a clean your body and get you better looking skin.

But most of all, get rid of all your toxic products.

Health & Happiness


P.S. If you have a persistent skin condition such as psoriasis, cystic acne or eczema then all the above will help, however, you will need to do a more advanced protocol to reset your internal system.

P.P.S. If you have been struggling with your own health issues and would like to see if or how we could help you then click the link here, fill out the form and Ryan or one of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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