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91 – Revive Yourself – Duke Sayer On Energetic Healing & Developing The Sayer Method


I want you to get ready to open your mind in today’s episode. If you have any limiting beliefs or patterns that you know deep down you need to break, then this conversation with Duke Sayer is exactly what you need to hear.

Duke is a self-awareness and energy coach who after spending 12 years working on his business, trying to fix his physical ailments and trying to sort his personal and business life, finally found the energy tools and techniques that actually work. After years of practicing on himself and then fine tuning his work with clients, he developed The Sayer Method for reconnecting with yourself, breaking down barriers and limitations, and allowing yourself to finally achieve what you really want.

In the conversation we discussed:

  • Duke’s own journey into energetic healing
  • Duke’s personal struggles and relationship issues that he needed to fix
  • How he stumbled across energy healing
  • His personal ability to see someone’s issues and guide them on the right path
  • My limiting beliefs and things I need to overcome
  • How The Duke Sayer Method works & much more

As you’ll hear in the interview Duke is a great guy and he has overcome his own issues, and it was overcoming these issues that have allowed him to develop his coaching method that has now allowed him to help thousands of people all over the world.

It was a fascinating conversation and he’ll definitely be coming back for another episode or two.

You can find Duke here:

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To Your Health & Happiness


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