No Angry, Sad, Or Wow Faces Please

“Using the Emoji’s To Censor Posts – It would appear that you should never give any post that’s truly valuable a “shock” (a wow) or “sad” face icon reaction because facebook starts to block those posts.

The more sad and surprise faces you offer to a post, the more facebook stops that information from going deeper into your friends list.

This is a very common tactic inside ruling family circles, using your very own energy against you. You use your energy to sort the posts on behalf of the ruling families and they’ll use their programmed algorithms to block the posts that are the most shocking and most truthful.

People today, when faced with the truth, most often hit the shock face or the sad face. Facebook uses this process as a home grown and no cost option for censoring the truth. Facebook simply allows the posts with the most laughs and happy faces to dive deeper into the collective conscious of the mind controlled society.

By doing this you can govern the population through pleasure and dopamine release, which is the primary ruling family principle for tyrannically controlling the public through an emotional and psychic dictatorship. Give them coffee, nicotine, alcohol, sugar, fluoride, pain killers, tranquilizing anti depressants, opioids, narcotics, junk food……and of course only give them the happiest facebook posts (plus unlimited internet porn and other titillating media), to keep them smiling ear to ear and fully lobotomised, inside the slave camp.

This way the slave camp is decorated with positive emotions plus the illusion of freedom is well fortified inside the mind. Pavlovian psychology applied to herd behaviour and herd control. Learn what else facebook does to control your mind. If there’s a post that’s truthful and valuable, hit the “like” button ONLY.” – Jason Christoff​

The Mind Control Tactics Used Within Facebook

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