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88 – Revive Yourself – David Stephan On His Son’s Death & The Medical Tyranny Sweeping Canada


Today’s show is one that every single parent on the planet should pay special attention too. In fact, every single person who wants to become a parent in the future should also listen in too.

I had the pleasure of talking to David Stephan who over the last 6 years has not only had to deal with the death his son Ezekiel, but also he and his wife being dragged through the courts and being national news.

David’s son’s case was the first of its kind and the Canadian “Justice” system was aiming to make an example of him and his wife.

If you read the mainstream media’s version of events you’d think that David and his wife Collet were to blame for their son’s death, but, as you’ll hear in the interview, nothing could be further from the truth.

In the interview we discuss:

  • David’s previous history with the pharmaceutical companies
  • The real story behind their son Ezekiel’s death
  • How evidence was hidden
  • How the court set a precedent by making a new stipulation for the jury
  • How expert witness evidence was stifled
  • The death of John Wyatt Clark and the prosecution of his parents Jeromie and Jennifer Clark
  • David’s ongoing battle in the courts & much much more

David is a brave man who is fighting for all everyone’s children’s futures. He was a great guest and I can’t wait to get him back on in the future to hear how everything is going for him.

You can find David here:

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