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077 – Revive Yourself – Tom Stavely From Ancient Purity On All Things Health


Tom Stavely from Ancient Purity is back for round 2. Tom becomes the second person I have interviewed face to face and it made for a great conversation where we delved into a lot of different topics.

In the show we discuss:

  • Different therapeutic supplements and their benefits
  • The power of the mind and how it can help, and protect the body in testing circumstances
  • The power and brainwashing affects of adverts
  • Why an individual approach is key to achieving and maintaining health
  • Ancient Purity’s vast range of products
  • What he found on his journey to health conferences in California
  • Why he stopped eating Brazil nuts
  • The benefits of sulphur
  • How natural health principles heal fertility issues & much more

You can find Tom here:

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