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101- Revive Yourself – Francesca Joy Blechner on Transformational Breath, Emotional Stress & Burnout


In today’s episode, we welcome to the show Francesca Joy Blechner.

Francesca started out in the Health and Fitness industry as a Personal Trainer in 2001, working all hours of the day, eventually bringing herself to the edge of burnout many times!! She always loved what she did but she was exhausting herself.

In her early 30’s she hit a crossroads in her life, she felt really stuck, overwhelmed, anxious and experienced fear of moving forward in her life. She was dissatisfied with the traditional approach to fitness on just training for aesthetics, with little regard to the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of wellbeing. With a thirst for knowledge and love of studying, she trained with the CHEK Institute in Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, yoga, meditation, Transformational Breath®, and various bodywork techniques, linking how emotional states show up in the body.

After her training in a bodywork technique called Be Activated, with Douglas Heel in 2015, she was forced to reevaluate her life and the pace she was living, as she says she felt ‘drunk for a week’ after her nervous system went into a complete reboot and forced me to rest.

Through her 19 years of experience she has now designed her own system drawing on the various modalities she has studied, addressing postural imbalances, breathing dysfunction, emotional and mental blockages, lifestyle challenges to facilitate a transformation of health at every level.

In today’s episode we discussed:

  • Francesca’s journey into the world of health coaching
  • How she found Paul Chek & The Chek Institute
  • What drew her to Transformational Breathwork
  • What Transformational Breathwork is and the results she’s seen
  • How Emotional stress is significantly affecting the population
  • Why most people are Burnt Out & much much more

It was a pleasure to speak to Francesca and she’ll be back on the show I’m sure.

You can find Francesca here:

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To Your Health & Happiness


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