What You Eat Changes How Your Genes Are EXPRESSED

If you didn’t know already…

What You Eat Changes How Your Genes Are EXPRESSED

(You can read the study in the picture by clicking the link above.)

Yet another study shows is how important it is to pay special attention to what you put in your mouth as it affects how your genes are expressed.

If you don’t want your genetic weakness to be exposed make sure your give your body the healthy food and water it needs the majority of the time.

This will ensure a healthy gut, strong immune system, and a stronger constitution for generations to come.

Remember, disease isn’t bad luck. It comes down to your diet and lifestyle.

A disease like cancer takes 10 – 12 years to develop. You have to work at it. It doesn’t come over night.

So keep putting the good stuff in your body as much as possible, and keep the health destroying stuff to a minimum.

A balance of 85% – 15% is generally a good rule.

The only problem is lots of people are consuming foods they think are healthy when in fact they are the complete opposite, so make sure you do your research into what you are actually consuming.

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P.S. Obviously if you live next to something like a nuclear power plant then even if you have a phenomenal diet and lifestyle you could still fall ill. The best thing for you to do if this is your situation, is to move.

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