What Not To Give Someone With A Gut Issue – Part 2

Modulen IBD … The Medical Industry does it again!

Tip – If you have a Gut Issue and you have been prescribed the product in the image, then get up and leave the consultation immediately.

The fact that the product is made by Nestle should be enough to give the game away.

Nestle who care extremely little about anything other than profit.

This really is the fox watching the hen house.

The ingredients tell you all you need to know about a company and it’s values, and one look at the list of ingredients here does just that.

Not only are they synthetic and therefore toxic to the human body, but the main ingredients are a health disaster and hugely inflammatory too.

I can’t believe the NHS and dieticians are still prescribing “food” like this, especially to people with chronic gut or health issues.

“I know what you need for your gut issue, something cheap, highly allergenic, inflammatory, toxic and synthetic too. There you go, that’ll make you all better.“

Oh, no sorry it won’t, it’ll make you ten times worse.

Everyone raves about the NHS, but when it comes to chronic health conditions – the very thing that will topple our economy if we don’t make serious changes soon – the doctors are decades behind the research.

So, educate yourselves people, and, if you need to, work with someone you trust.

Work with a professional who studies HEALTH, and, don’t give your power away to someone who studies disease.

Look for someone who gets constant results.

A little bit of digging will show you who knows what they are talking about.

The proof is in the pudding.

So over to you.

And, if you want health, stay away from garbage like this.

Health & Happiness


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