“I’ve not been ill since I started your program”

When Tom came to us he had chronic alopecia and a hugely depleted and exhausted constitution which led him to get ill every few weeks, feeling tried, and developing alopecia.

He had been down the medical root, tried their recommendations, and nothing changed.

Everything they did depleted his immune system further, which caused more health issues, rather than healing them.

Being a professional boxer this wasn’t any good for his training or his physical or mental performance.

In fact, it was hugely detrimental.

However, I assured Tom this was completely reversible, we just needed to approach his issues from a different perspective.

Tom was completely open to doing things differently and happily jumped into our program with both feet.

As soon as he started to implement our changes to both his nutrition, training, stress management and cleansing principles, his health and performance soared.

After years of struggling with his health, he finally had confidence in his body’s ability to perform consistently at a high level.

In fact, he was actually doing less and getting better results.

This led to a happier man in and out of the ring.

The fact he hasn’t been ill since January, and, that his hair is filling back in speaks volumes of his commitment to the process.

He took on board everything we talked about and became the healthy person he wanted to be first in his mind, and then his body followed suit.

I look forward to getting Tom to speak about these changes on camera for you.

Health & Happiness


P.S. If Tom can do it, so can you.

P.P.S. If you have been struggling with your own health issues and would like to see if or how we could help you then click the link here, fill out the form and Ryan or one of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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