By Far The Worst Health Advice Is Given By Clueless Celebrities & Athletes

By far the worst health advice is given by clueless celebrities and athletes promoting junk products and passing on bad information to gullible followers.

Only listen to advice with your best interest at heart and remember the majority of celebrities, athletes and fitness magazines will endorse any old rubbish for profit.

As you likely already know, quick fixes and cutting corners only works in the short term, and you know what they say happens if you keep cutting corners ... you end up going round in circles.

Healthy weight loss isn’t about massively reducing your calorific intake, drinking detox teas and consuming liquid meals for weeks on end which will destroy your metabolism, drain you mentally and set you up for a huge rebound of weight when you eventually start eating real food again.

The answer is to improve the quality of your food, remove the junk, keep hydrated and keep active.

Remember there are 6 foundation principles of health that need to be abided by to create and maintain a lean and healthy body.

These are:

1. Nutrition
2. Hydration
3. Breathing
4. Thinking
5. Movement
6. Sleep

Get these 6 principles right and everything will fall into place.

Health & Happiness


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