Are Women Are Losing Their Uniqueness?

Indeed. Be one of them!

People think because we’re in the year 2019, and, we have WiFi, Netflix and iPhones, that millions of years of genetics don’t count.

That we’re above nature.

The best one…

That men and women are the same.

Their bodies can take the same amount of physical and mental stress. 😳

Have you ever heard of the principles of Yin & Yang?

The empty and the full?

Masculine and feminine energy?

It’s compatible with the sun and the moon.

Up and down.

Fire and water.

Adam – Yang – Male, hot, fire, destructive, man

Eve – Yin – female, womb, nurturing, moist, creative, women

They are not the same, and, never will be.

It’s why women can give birth to life, create mothers milk and have great nurturing energy to raise children, and men don’t.

In all native cultures, the women were considered the crown jewel of the tribe.

If women became damaged, the whole tribal society was at threat of non-existence, so they had many key things in place to protect them.

And, without women being healthy today, society will collapse.

(Don’t worry guys, we have our strengths too, but they are different to women’s.)

The most common thing I see when people come to me is an excess of Yang energy.

Every day I talk to successful women, who have been living life like a man in the body of a female for an extended period of time, which has lead to severe health problems.

They have been trying to do too much and be everything to everyone.

(This is very common with single mothers trying to do the job of a man and women at the same time.)

This puts huge amounts of mental, emotional and physical stress on their body and it leads to a yang excess and burns the women out.

This then results in:

– thyroid issues,
– adrenal fatigue,
– mensural cycle irregularities,
– pregnancy issues,
– excessive bleeding
– not being able to conceive and getting expensive IVF treatments (don’t get me started on this),
– weight management issues
– skin issues
– gut problems etc.

To say both sexes are the same and can handle the same physical and mental workload etc is madness, and, as I mentioned above, leading many women into all different chronic illnesses.

(Yes, some women can cope with this pressure for long periods, but, they are the exception rather than the rule.)

The sooner people realise this, the less chronic illness, pain, suffering and pregnancy issues will be happening.

Before someone says this is a dig at women…it isn’t.

Far from it.

Having studied this extensively I know how important you guys are, and, I want you to take better care of yourselves.

As with most chronic issues, you haven’t been doing this intentionally to yourselves.

This is all result of a modern world and lifestyle where burning the candle at both ends, working silly hours and never switching off, have become a badge of honour.

It’s something that seriously needs addressing.

The opposing argument to this I always hear is, “Things evolve and adapt. Things change.”

Yea, well, we’re the most evolved we’ve ever been, whilst simultaneously been the fattest and sickest we’ve ever been too, with infant and child allergies and chronic illness off the scale.

You do the maths. 🤔

So it’s up to you.

You can live life at a pace that’s unsustainable for your constitution, eat and drink garbage and then poison your body with synthetic toxic medication under the illusion it’s creating health – which will sooner or later lead to a life-threatening illness.

(Men this goes for you too.)

Or, you can start to give your body what it needs and wants, such as:

– proper rest,
– exercise,
– organic food,
– clean water,
– sunlight
– introspection
– time for fun etc

Which will produce REAL long-lasting health and wellness.

The choice is yours.

But, only one of these options leads to a life of energy, freedom, happiness and looking as good as you feel.

Health & Happiness


P.S. Men we have major issues too, and I’ll be doing an article about them. But for now, look after your women and remember just how important they are. Without them we have nothing.

P.P.S. If you have been struggling with your own health issues and would like to see if or how we could help you then click the link here, fill out the form and Ryan or one of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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