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94 – Revive Yourself – Dr Thomas Levy Author of The Toxic Tooth


“The number one cause of a heart attack is a root canal treated tooth, plain and simple.” – Dr. Thomas Levy

Today is Dr. Thomas Levy’s second time on the show. For those of you who haven’t heard of Dr. Levy before here is a little introduction…

Dr. Thomas Levy is the author of books like Stop America’s #1 Killer, Primal Panacea, Death By Calcium, Curing the Incurable: Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins. He also runs a great website called Peak Energy.

I had a great conversation with him about a wide array of topics. He’s a board-certified cardiologist but he no longer practices. Most of his time is taken up by research, writing, speaking and performing interviews like this one with us today!

He holds so many degrees in different areas if I wrote them all down I’d still be here next week.

On today’s podcast, we discuss his book The Toxic Tooth and the topics covered were:

  • Why root canals are extremely toxic for the body
  • What you should do instead of getting a root canal
  • Why 100% of root canals are infected
  • Root canals link to heart disease, cancer, and other illnesses
  • What you should do if you have a root canal
  • What a cavitation is, and how you get one
  • Why some people get ill and others seem fine
  • Why you don’t want mercury or nickel in your mouth
  • What your oral hygiene regime should look & much more


It was a pleasure having Dr. Levy on the show and I know it will not be the last time we have him on.

You can find Dr. Levy here:

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To Your Health & Happiness


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