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84 – Revive Yourself – Mark McAfee Of Organic Pastures On Everything Raw Milk


Today we have a real-life superhero on the show who is keeping the standards of Organically Certified Raw Milk to the highest they can be, and leading the way for other farmers to follow. That man is Mark Mcafee.

I first come across Mark many years ago watching a documentary called Farmageddon (if you haven’t watched it then head on over to YouTube and give it a watch) and I have closely followed his work since.

Mark is the owner of the Organic Pastures farm and brand. The name Organic Pastures is synonymous with quality and the Organic Pastures farm is the only originally certified producer of Raw Milk in the state of California.

To quote the Organic Pasture’s website, “Organic Pastures’ raw dairy products are simply that- products made from milk that is unprocessed, whole, and living, with all of its probiotic bacteria. NEVER pasteurized (heated), homogenized (crushed), or otherwise altered. We produce delicious world-class dairy products for you to enjoy.”

You will be able to hear the passion with which Mark speaks about the necessity of quality farming, high standards and producing world-class Raw Milk throughout the whole show.

In the show we discussed:

  • How he got into producing Raw Milk
  • Why pasteurised milk is one of the most allergenic foods on the planet
  • Mark’s farming techniques and how he treats his cattle
  • The history behind why pasteurisation started
  • Why the soil is so important for our future
  • The different breeds of cow Mark uses
  • How he keeps his Raw Milk free from nasty pathogens
  • The truth about Organic Certifications
  • How Raw Milk can eradicate allergies
  • Why Raw Milk isn’t just baby calves formula & much much more

It was such an easy interview as Mark possesses so much passion for his work. He will be someone we will get back on the show for sure.

You can find Mark and his work here:

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