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104 – Revive Yourself – Dr Nick Berry from Essential Oil Wizardry


I’ve have been eager to get today’s conversation out to you guys and girls since it was recorded. Today we have Dr. Nick Berry of Essential Oil Wizardy on the show, and all I can say is, be prepared to be blown away.  Dr. Berry is a qualified pharmacist who turned to natural health and essential oils when he realised how much power they possessed. From there he has had a remarkable journey into the world of natural health and he now produces the finest essential oils on the market. So, be prepared to have your mind and knowledge expanded as we take a dive into the world of essential oils.

In the episode we discussed:

  • His journey into essential oils
  • What makes Essential Oil Wizardy oils so unique
  • Why Dr. Nick use CO2 extraction for his oils
  • The best oils for different health issues
  • The best essential oils for sexual stimulation
  • How essential oils can affect the psyche
  • Why organic isn’t always the purest form of oil you can get
  • Why people never need to buy perfume again
  • How Dr. Nick creates his own signature blends & much more

Dr. Berry is someone we will have on the show time and time again. His attitude and spirit are contagious and his knowledge is second to none when it comes to essential oils. I can’t wait to dig into other parts of the health sphere with him.

You can find Dr. Nick Berry and his fantastic oils here:

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