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005 – Revive Yourself – Catherine Farrant – The Many Powers Of Bone Broth, Why She Started Her Organic Bone Broth Company, How It Helped Her Through Pregnancy, Gut Health and More


Today’s interview is with Catherine Farrant, Founder and CEO of Ossa Bone Broth.

Catherine discovered bone broth during her pregnancy with her first child Jack in 2012, and we discussed how it made a huge difference to her and her husband’s lives and health.

We talked about how it still plays a big part in their day to day family routine, and how it played a positive role in her pregnancy and healing post-delivery with her joints feeling supple, no stretch marks, clear skin and a strong stamina.

We also talked about how she was able to work out gently and walk daily up until the day she delivered, “My skin glowed and on the whole I felt like superwoman! I am now pregnant with my second baby too.”

We then moved on to how bone broth helps gut health, and the best ways to take your broth.

For anyone, whether you are familiar with bone broth or not, as well as the huge health benefits it can provide, this show is just for you.

It was a pleasure to speak to Catherine and she is someone I will be working with in the future.

As someone who works with a lot of people who have gut issues, having her world class, organic bone broth on my site for people to buy is a must.

Here are Catherine’s website details:

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