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Chris Brown



Christopher James Perilli



Angela Euesden

The support and guidance from Ryan was second to none.

Top Changes For Me Post The Revival Program:

  1. Weight loss! Ever since being diagnosed with PCOS my weight ballooned and no matter what I tried I couldn’t shift it. After the first 21 days on the Revival program I had drop 1st 4 pounds and after 4 months I was down to a weight I haven’t been since I was 21. I couldn’t believe it. Every week more weight would fall off. And I wasn’t starving myself, in fact my meal sizes were bigger than before.
  2. My Acne Went! Along with weight gain, PCOS had given my acne on my face, chest and back. I’d had it for 7 years. 21 days on the program and it had all cleared up. I was shocked and I did it without expensive creams or lotions.
  3. Mental Clarity! Being a Head Mistress I need to be mentally sharp, but over the years the adrenal fatigue started to catch up with me. But now my brain fog has been lifted! My depression is gone, and my anxiety has decreased dramatically.
  4. Confidence and Hope! Revive’s program is so empowering, and I now know that I can make the changes and choices that help control my mind and body.

Caroline Chenier

“Before I started working with Ryan I had constant problems with my digestion and keeping my weight stable.

I had got to my heaviest weight ever of 9st 2lbs and I just couldn’t shift it no matter what different diets I tried, other nutritionist I saw or even seeing a personal trainer twice a week.

As well as the bloating I had fat around my stomach and arms, which massively affected my confidence and meant I couldn’t wear the clothes I wanted to wear. I was going through menopause whilst working a stressful job so I thought this is just how it was going to be.

After talking to a friend who recommended I talk to Ryan as he had completely changed their health, appearance and life I thought I’d reach out and give him a call.

From the off set he assured me that what I was experiencing didn’t have to be that way and he’d have me in the body I loved sooner than I had hoped, and he was right, and the fact it was so easy to implement into my lifestyle made it even better.

Within no time he had stopped my bloating, and I had dropped down to 8st 1lb. More than that though, my mind was clearer, I was much more focused, my memory improved and my energy was through the roof.

People were paying me compliments on my hair, body, skin and the shape I was in. Best of all people were telling me how much younger I looked, which after battling with my problems for years is so incredible to hear.

Thank you Ryan for your continued support and knowledge. You really have changed my view on the body, how to live and what to eat. Anyone struggling with their health shouldn’t hesitate to get this man on board. What I learnt in 16 weeks was incredible.”

Amiel Gardener


Sally McSherry


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Gaby Hey

“My health problems started when I was only 17/18 month old where I had an infection in the lining of my stomach and ever since I can remember I have struggled health and weight wise.

I was so sensitive to sugar I used to vomit after eating it if I ever had any and through puberty I struggled with food issues, where I would over eat or not eat at all.

I struggled with food daily, and even though I had tried lots of fad diets nothing had ever worked, especially not long term. Then over the last couple of years to add to my food struggles I started to get bloated every time after I ate and with this came lethargy. I felt constantly fatigued, and it got so bad that if I went to the gym I really struggled with my energy levels and it would wipe me out for a few days. My body felt heavy and I just wanted this situation to change and I wanted to be proud of my body.

Even though I had done my own research and tried so many things nothing had worked and I was mentally frustrated.

Then one day I was talking to my friend and he told me about this holistic health coach and nutritional therapist that had got incredible results for one of his friends which turned out to be Ryan.

I got in contact with Ryan in September and by January I was a totally different person. Not only had I lost 36.5cm from my body, completely healed my gut and had energy to spare but it was the first time in my life I felt amazing about myself. I now have confidence I never had before and it all changed in just 16 weeks!

Ryan’s knowledge is second to none and he is so supportive throughout the whole process. In truth I couldn’t have done it without him.

Having a busy and hectic work schedule meant that throughout the program I was away for an extended period of 5 weeks, but this made no difference. Any obstacle that would come up Ryan had an answer or solution to. It’s the sort of thing that most people don’t think off but having him there to guide me and answer any question or query throughout the whole process made such a difference compared to other programs where getting in contact with the person you have been dealing with is a nightmare.

Ryan is always at the end of the phone. Thank you Ryan you have completely changed my life and given me the confidence to go forward from here.”  


Neil Calland


Beth Richardson

“I’ve had to do several cleanses before Revive’s program and the die off symptoms of those programs were very difficult. I did not experience any die off symptoms with Revive’s program.

The meals I learned to make were delicious and I will continue to make them even though I am done with the program.

I recommend this program to people as the last program they will need to do to get their gut balanced and their health restored.

Thanks again Ryan”