Liver Cleanser

Today’s simple liver cleansing and energising tonic.

Elimination organs rid the body of waste and toxins.

The liver and bowel have these functions.

The liver converts toxic substances into nontoxic forms, and the bowel eliminates waste and toxins from the body.

There is a danger that these organs may become overburdened with toxins, which can poison the body.

This is especially likely in today’s increasingly toxic world. Even if you forget toxins from food, water, cosmetics, EMF’s, plastics, etc there are over 100 million industrial toxins in the air that our body has to process daily.

Seeing as your liver is your battery of life and your gut is your abdominal brain, it’s vital to help the body cleanse each day so you can keep these organs performing at their highest possible capability.

Studies have shown the majority of people only have a liver functioning at only 40% of it’s optimum capacity.

I know, shocking right?!

So imagine how good you could feel if your liver was performing at a higher level.

You can mix your cleansing tonics up to keep your body guessing.

Today’s tonic is simply:

1 freshly squeezed lemon,
milk thistle in liquid form
400 ml high quality water

When you do this daily you will think clearer, feel more energised, and, you will drop body fat as your liver can process and elimate toxins far easier.

Many people report ache and pains disappearing too.

So if you’re not helping your body cleanse each day, then I have to ask you, “why not?”.

Over to you.

Health & Happiness


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