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89 – Revive Yourself – Ask Me Anything With Ryan Martin


So last week for my birthday I put a post on Facebook giving people the opportunity to ask me any question they wanted.

Instead of answering them one by one (which I may still do on Facebook live) I decided to answer them all on today’s show.

The questions were…

  • What is the real cause of dental decay? – Anon
  • What’s the best way to get natural estrogen for menopause. Also, what can I do about overactive bladder and itchiness when peeing? – Anon
  • Hi Ryan, I hope you are well. I wondered if you may be able to help- I am pregnant, and probably the healthiest I have ever been, yet suffering quite badly from acne on my chin, neck, and back. It’s obviously hormones, but I can’t seem to find any helpful research on how to clear it up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated by the inner spotty teenager inside of me! Thank you x – Anon
  • What are the best supplements to support you through winter?- Wendy Gracey
  • Amalgam fillings what can I do about them. I have 7 left in, my tonsils swell up like I have a virus and feel ill. I’m sure these fillings are contributing. – Deedee Shine Chambers
  • Should I always take probiotics, do I ever need to take a break from them? – Kerstin Blythin Cotterill
  • What can sum1 do naturally for type 1 diabetes? – Aiden Mc Murdie
  • Are Quorn products healthy? – Jodie Hooper
  • Can you feel healthy naturally without HRT whilst on the menopause or are we supposed to feel like death? And does the menopause end? – Deedee Shine Chambers
  • What’s the best way to eat to combat the symptoms associated with surgically shortened bowels to enhance gut health? – Helen Rose Kalia Jacobs

You can find the episode here:

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