Why You Need To Stop Being Drawn In By Products, Supplements, Drinks & Foods Advertised On TV Hint: If It’s Advertised On TV, It’s Bad For Your Health

I often get asked what I think about certain products that are advertised on TV, then after I give my opinion on that product I sometimes get met with the response, “It can’t be that bad for us can it, otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed to sell it.”

Well if you think the government is looking out for your best interests, you need a history lesson.

Trust me when I say, money talks.

Companies spend billions manipulating you to buy their products.

Do you really think advertisers or tv channels are going to turn those billions down?


So to explain what methods these companies use, how much the big boys are spending each year to get you to buy their products, and how they can download mind virus’s into you extremely quickly, I shot a short video.

Click the video above to have a listen.

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