Unfortunately, society just doesn’t understand the root of the problem.

It’s not society’s fault of course. They are fed lies on this topic daily every winter.

I used to believe those lies too.

However, contrary to popular belief…

The flu IS NOT stronger this year than it was last year. People are just becoming weaker and weaker.

Their Immune systems’ are run down.

They are heavily toxic.

Their microbiomes are extremely unbalanced.

They are being bombarded by WiFi and EMF’s daily.

I could go on.

Put all this together and the result is the average person’s overall stress levels are much higher than ever before in history.

Why does that matter?

Well, it matters because an overly stressed body is one ripe for attack.

People are becoming an easy target for opportunistic organisms to infiltrate.

This means people fall ill a lot quicker and for a lot longer than they should.

If this is you, and you desperately want to stop this progression, and you are fed up with falling ill every few weeks, then you need to take a look at your lifestyle and nutrition.

To learn how to build your immune system stronger to make colds a thing of the past then you can read my article here:…/

If however, you are already sick, here’s how can you feel better and heal more quickly:


In truth, the list could be a lot longer but this is a great place to start.

1. Take Ocean Plant Extract and Nourish Your Thyroid.

Because they are an excellent source of iodine and other minerals, ocean plants are a great food for nourishing your thyroid.

Ocean plants have been shown to reduce cold symptoms and strengthen the immune system.

For example, Ocean Plant extract from Body Ecology is a raw, super-concentrated extract of an ocean plant grown deep in the pure cold waters near Siberia. It is a pure food supplement that contains antimicrobial agents including vitamin C, vitamin A and B vitamins. It is useful if you are exposed to radiation and helps clean the body of metals like mercury. The toxic metals in our bloodstream are very damaging to the delicate thyroid.

2. Be still.

As you rest, you create energy so that your body can heal itself. All of nature is obediently following this Law of Nature…quiet stillness. We humans must somehow restructure our schedules during the winter months and follow the rest of Nature. Sadly we are going farther and farther away from Nature’s Way and being stressed out in the winter is a big mistake. When we rest our body is gathering energy to heal.

It is vital that we store energy right now so that our body can regrow and renew itself in the Spring.

Spring in most climates (as far as your body is concerned) is around the end of February so you have about 8 weeks left.

3. Eat lightly.
Warm soups and teas are easy to digest, and fermented beverages keep infections under control. I’ll be doing an article on ‘why soup is more than just a great meal for the winter’ soon too.

4. Be grateful!

One of the most valuable ways to deal with stress is to master the “Art” of being grateful for EVERYTHING… YES, EVEN THE DIFFICULT LESSONS LIFE THROWS OUR WAY.

It is said that God never gives us any lesson we cannot handle.

Our perception of stress can be changed almost immediately if we ‘refrain’ our thinking to become grateful for even the most difficult times. For example, you might say to yourself, “I am really struggling at the moment, but I am strong enough to handle it. And I am going to feel really great about myself as I turn this problem around.”

Many of our Reviver’s have told us that the difficulties they had before joining our programs have made them stronger. They are very grateful for the lessons because they are learning from them each day.

5. Increase your intake of vitamin C.

High levels of vitamin C can decrease the severity of your symptoms and help you recover faster. This is an important time to include fermented foods, like cultured vegetables, and high levels of dietary vitamin C.

However, this does not mean toxic synthetic vitamin C that you will find in most high street shops. Wildcrafted and organic sources of Camu Camu Berry, Manioc Root, Acerola Berry, Amla Berry and Buckwheat Berry Sprouts will do the trick.

Avoid over the counter medications like anti-histamines and cough syrup.

None of these potential remedies actually address the cause of colds and may make you feel worse.

If you really have to, only take antibiotics for an acute bacterial infection (not fungal or viral).

You can conquer the cold and flu season by taking care of yourself with the Revive Yourself Program and following these guidelines.

And if you do end up with a cold or the flu, these natural remedies can get you back in action more quickly!

Health & Happiness


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