All this from a lady who was scared of food when she first came to us because of how it made her feel, and the reactions that would shortly follow.

She also had no energy, a severely low immune system and many other internal health issues.

In short, she’d been through the ringer with her health.

All the doctors, including “specialists” and consultants, didn’t know what was wrong with her, and the many tests they ran all came back inconclusive – which seems to be a theme.

Well here she is after only a few weeks working with us and she has crazy energy, doesn’t fear food anymore, has boosted her immune system, and is outperforming most of the people in her company, so much so they’ve given her her own store to look after.

It just goes to show how powerful the body is at healing when you give it what it wants and needs, and how much being healthy can change your life.

I can’t wait to bring you her full story.

Health & Happiness


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