Poor Alfie Evans

Poor Alfie Evans.

This is just goes to prove how evil the vaccine industry is and how much they cover up.

Vaccine companies have paid out $3,800, 000, 000 in vaccine injuries.

If you want the charts to prove how vaccines didn’t stop any of these illness spreading I’ll get them for you.

Until then, here’s a few studies to prove what prizes you really win when you choose to vaccinate.

Hint, it’s not immunisation.

Want asthma?

Take vaccines that contain ovalbumin and aluminum hydroxide. – PMC ID 2728898

Want chronic pelvic problems?

A novel mouse model of chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome induced by immunisation of special peptide fragment with aluminium hydroxide adjuvant. – pubmed ID 28526581

Want aluminium toxicity?

Hypersensitivity and vaccines: an update. – pubmed 23238161

Want myelitis?

We present a case of transverse myelitis 3 days after HPV immunisation. To our knowledge, this is the earliest case of CNS inflammation following HPV immunisation, with a less than 7-day interval from vaccination to symptom onset. – PMC 4204223

Want Autism?

Abnormal neurological symptoms have been observed in several patients receiving intramuscular injections of Al-containing vaccines – PMC2946821

Want rotavirus?

Vaccine acquired rotavirus infection. Universal mandates find all who suffer. – PMC4103739

Want cancer?

Inject 74 shots of cancer, then. – pubmed10379458

Want SIDS?

“Poor antibody responses by newborns following immunisation, especially with bacterial capsular polysaccharides, suggest that newborn immune responses are immature as compared with adults.”  – pubmed6606446

If you don’t want any of these then I suggest you do your own independent research to find out the truth so you can make an informed decision that could save your child’s life.
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