“I’ll Be Dead Waiting For Those Doctors”

This is the kind of message I get everyday.

The truth is you can’t know what you haven’t been taught.

It’s not a GP’s (or consultant’s or “specialist’s” fault) that over 70% of their syllabus is funded by the pharmaceutical industry.

It’s just the way it is.

Unfortunately, it means hundreds of thousands of people are left suffering in pain when they could be enjoying life.

Most doctors are great people who want to help their patients, they’re just limited by their schooling and the amount of clinic hours they do every day, which means they have very little time to research.

I have had these kinds of doctors on my programs many times. They are eager to learn and fully embrace a holistic approach which always gives them a great increase in their health and vitality.

Other doctors, however, are closed minded and don’t want to know the truth. They believe only what the syllabus says, and never do any research for themselves, and ignore any evidence that doesn’t back up their rhetoric.

For example, I got called a snake oil sales man today by a doctor because of the information I post.

I doubt a snake oil salesman would consistently get the results we do, and, I doubt he would still be in a job after 9 years.

After all you can only sell shit once. (Pardon my French.)

Anyway, I’ll be happy to wear the hat of “snake oil sales man” if it means I keep getting to work with great people who have had enough of been mistreated, misdiagnosed and left to suffer by the medical industry.

I love my job, and, I love helping people like this lady who reached out to me today so she can stop living in pain, and start living the life she deserves.

It’s time to stop giving your power away to others who look don’t walk the walk, especially when it comes to your health people.

No one knows your body better than you.

You have years of priceless personal experience living with it that no one else does.

The truth is your body wants to be healthy, it just needs to be given the right circumstances to heal and thrive.

When you start to understand this, and you begin living in a way that promotes health – rather than looking for magic bullets that fight disease – things start to fall into place.

Health & Happiness


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