Chris’s Story

When Chris came to us he wanted to be himself again.
Being an owner of 3 businesses had left him emotionally stressed, and, completely exhausted. This had lead to his health had beginning to suffer.
He had started to get alopecia and his hair had begun to shed.
He had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism.
He had started to get constant gut issues such as gas and bloating that were affecting his day to day life.
On top of that he had put on some extra pounds that he was finding hard to shift around his body and face.
All in all he felt like and old man in a young man’s body, and, he wanted to get his health back, as well as having a good work/life balance.
Being a busy business man he also wanted a program that was easy to follow and sustainable.
I knew that our Total Health Reset Program would be perfect for him.
Fast forward 16 weeks and you can see, and, hear the results of how Chris feels and looks for yourself.
Over to you Chris…

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