Pregnancy & Fertility

Neil’s Story

So here is the video I promised with our client Neil Calland. Neil had been suffering with severe diabetes for 20 years, and when he first came to us his blood sugar levels were off the charts at 19.9. He also had terrible skin issues, huge anxiety, depression, and low energy. In short he was…

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“Ryan, I’m Doing Everything Right, Why Aren’t I Healing?”

This is a question I get sent a lot from people with all different chronic health issues. They tell me how their diet is right (most of the time it’s not), the amount of exercise they are doing, how they are always hydrated and even how have stopped eating gluten. Unfortunately, although they have the…

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When you start to heal from a disease or illness you’ve had for years, naturally you want the world to know. You also want people to know that they too can heal from their chronic illness. Unfortunately though, not everyone is ready for the message. (Between us …. some people actually like having an affliction…

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