74 – Revive Yourself – Dr Tom O’Bryan Author Of ‘You Can Fix Your Brain: Just 1 Hour a Week to the Best Memory, Productivity, and Sleep You’ve Ever Had’

Today’s guest is Dr. Tom O’Bryan. I have followed Dr. O’Bryan’s work for years so it was a real pleasure to get him on the show, especially since he was holidaying over in Costa Rica. For those that don’t know him though, Dr. O’Bryan is an is an internationally recognised and sought-after speaker and workshop…

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73 – Revive Yourself – Troy Casey On Healing His Own Health Problems, Dealing With Divorce, Why The Health & Fitness Worlds Are Miles Apart, Why Gut Health Is So Important If You’re Looking To Add Muscle

Today’s guest is the certified health nut himself, Mr. Troy Casey. Troy has been in the health sphere for close to two decades now when he burst onto the Youtube scene when the platform first emerged. Troy is a former supermodel who started his health journey by realising the power of natural health methods and…

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67 – Revive Yourself – Sal Di Stefano From Mind Pump On Why Health And Not Look Should Be Your Goal, How His Divorce Impacted His Health, How He Approaches Kids Eating & Technology Use & Much More

About 18 months ago I stumbled across Sal and the other Mind Pump guys whilst looking for interviews with Paul Chek. Needless to say, their interview with Paul was phenomenal (as all of Paul’s interviews are), but there was something about the three Mind Pump guys chemistry and their quest to expose the truth behind…

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