051 – Revive Yourself – Dr Stephen Lewis on Thyroid Health

Dr Stephen Lewis from Green Wisdom Health in Longview, Texas, and author of ‘Thyroid Sniper’ joins us on today’s show to talk all about thyroid health and how to reverse thyroid issues naturally. Thyroid issues have almost become an epidemic. In the USA research shows 10% – 40% of people have a suboptimal functioning thyroid,…

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046 – Revive Yourself – Jason Christoff On The End Of The Alpha Male, Why People Aren’t Thinking Clearly & Are Easy To Control, Why Your Vibrational Frequency Is Higher When You Are Healthy & Much More

Are you ready to get you eyes opened and mind blown? If not don’t bother listening to this interview with Jason Christoff. I first came across Jason on social media when I was told to check out his content by a mutual acquaintance. As soon as I started reading his articles I knew that we’d…

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