Nutritional Testing

Neil’s Story

So here is the video I promised with our client Neil Calland. Neil had been suffering with severe diabetes for 20 years, and when he first came to us his blood sugar levels were off the charts at 19.9. He also had terrible skin issues, huge anxiety, depression, and low energy. In short he was…

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When those people closest to you notice a difference both physically and mentally in you then you know you’re on the right path. Especially when you’ve been dealing with something as draining and life altering as severe chronic fatigue that has affected your job, love life and relationship with your kids and it’s been an…

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Why Nutritional Diagnostic Tests Are A Waste Of Your Money

Lately, I’ve been hearing and seeing more and more nutritionist talk about how they have started using diagnostic nutritional tests with all their clients from their first consultations and how every nutritionist should be doing this, and that if you are not then you are behind the curve and are selling your clients short. In…

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