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041 – Revive Yourself – Chris Masterjohn On The Truth About Cholesterol

What’s the real scoop on cholesterol? Is there really good and bad cholesterol? Do you need a cholesterol-lowering drug? Does cholesterol even cause Heart Disease? Well today you can find out from a true expert in the matter Chris Masterjohn. Chris’s academic background is pretty impressive. He earned a PhD in Nutritional Sciences from the…

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040 – Revive Yourself – Pure Ignorance From Cancer Research UK

A couple of weeks ago in reply to two newspapers claiming that slashing sugar from your diet could prevent cancer Cancer Research UK tweeted this, “There’s no evidence that a ‘sugar-free’ diet lowers the risk of cancer, or boosts your chances of surviving if diagnosed.” This is the level of ignorance we’re dealing with from…

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036 – Revive Yourself – Anne Margolis From Home Sweet Home Birth On How to Give Birth Naturally Without Unnecessary Medical or Surgical Intervention And Love Your Experience However It Unfolds

Childbirth is seen as a miracle. A time to rejoice because the love of two fellow human beings has brought a new life to cherish into this world. Unfortunately today, instead of a miracle childbirth is seen as a painful necessity where women are pumped full of drugs and pure oxygen that they have no…

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