Do you find yourself in pain, frustrated, feeling all alone with your health problems? Do you feel like no-one understands what you are going through?

When people have given up on doctors, and failed to achieve any kind of relief of their pain from other programs, that is usually when people find me and my work.

Helping these people is what we do best here at Revive.

For the last 8 years we have been focused on resolving issues that others can't. So whether you have skin issues like acne, cysts, psoriasis or eczema, or digestive issues like bloating, abdominal pain, Crohn's disease or IBS, we can help you.

By using my unique method, the Healing Health Paradigm™, we have been able to help thousands of people recover from issues such as diabetes, auto-immune disorders, parasitic and fungal infections, weight management problems and health issues that needed advanced detoxification methods.

I have been where you are now.

I remember what it was like to be seriously ill and in constant pain. At the age of 18, I was diagnosed with body toxicity and mercury accumulation. This caused severe skin issues, keloid scarring, numerous cysts, IBS, and weight gain. I was constantly tired, and at times severely depressed.

That's why I understand the huge significance of emotions, symptoms and unanswered questions, and how overwhelming they can become.

But I found help. My journey to health and happiness wasn't an easy one, but it has been hugely rewarding.

After researching alternative medicine, natural health and looking for a more holistic approach, I found someone that I resonated with and who had a totally different approach. For years I struggled with health issues that took away my physique, energy, vitality and love of life. These years of suffering left scars both physically and mentally, and it was only a chance meeting with a former mentor which changed the direction of my life completely.   

This was a huge turning point in my life, I'd never felt (and looked) so good, and I knew that I wanted to pursue this lifestyle long after I was cured, and help others to do the same thing. I spent the next few years travelling the globe, learning from the worlds best doctors, functional medicine practitioners and holistic health coaches, and absorbing everything I could.

That's why I want you to know THERE IS HOPE.

There is hope, and you are not alone. You have taken the most important step.  You are looking for answers.

I now look back at those years as the most valuable in my life, because without the years of pain I wouldn't be the person I am today. When you finally come out the other side of your struggles, you begin to see possibility everywhere. And it's my passion and my purpose to help others who are experiencing their own pain by creating a lifestyle that helps them thrive and not just survive.

My approach is one that focuses on natural health and healing through an holistic approach by using organic food, therapeutic whole food supplements, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, meditation, yoga, detoxification, and neuroscience to achieve optimum health, wellness, vitality and performance, rather than the typical fitness 'shame culture', synthetic supplements and toxic protein powders.

The Revive fingerprint logo designed by founder Ryan Martin is used on all Revive programs and products.

Ryan's fingerprint symbolises his seal of approval; at Revive we only recommend approaches or products we would be happy to use on ourselves and our families. Our approach is simple: here at Revive we want to share our passion and lifestyle with you, and show you that it's possible to create a healthy and happy approach to everyday life. I have seen countless people with digestive issues journey through my programs and transform their lives.

It has been the greatest privilege of my life to be invited into the lives of others, for them to have the faith in me to hear their fears, their frustrations, their problems and their pain. I feel so proud that I get to create the strategies necessary to help them identify the root cause of their pain and move towards fulfilling their potential and becoming the best possible versions of themselves.

For me, being a health coach isn’t a job - it’s my PASSION.

It is quite literally …Making The Seemingly Impossible, Possible!