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73 – Revive Yourself – Troy Casey On Healing His Own Health Problems, Dealing With Divorce, Why The Health & Fitness Worlds Are Miles Apart, Why Gut Health Is So Important If You’re Looking To Add Muscle


Today’s guest is the certified health nut himself, Mr. Troy Casey. Troy has been in the health sphere for close to two decades now when he burst onto the Youtube scene when the platform first emerged.

Troy is a former supermodel who started his health journey by realising the power of natural health methods and cleansing when it came to getting him to look great even after numerous days and nights partying in a row.

He has since been on an incredible health journey both physically and spiritually and he uses his years of knowledge and experience to help people all over the world.

He still works both individually with clients and groups, as well as doing public speaking and other events.

On today’s show we discuss:

  • Troy’s journey into the natural health world
  • How he used cleansing to keep looking good for his model shoots
  • The recent challenges he has had with his health and the methods he used to overcome them
  • The complex challenges of divorce and raising children with someone who doesn’t value healthy food in the same way you do
  • Why your gut is so important to your health, and, especially if you want to put on muscle
  • How he got ripped at 50 naturally
  • Why the health and fitness worlds are miles apart & much much more

Troy was an absolute pleasure to talk to. You can hear his passion for what he does in his voice. He is someone who truly lives the principles he teaches and that’s always something to be admired.

I could talk to Troy for hours and he will be someone we will be getting back on the show for sure.

You can find Troy here: &

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To Your Health & Happiness


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