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70 – Revive Yourself – Tom Stavely From Ancient Purity On His Whole Hemp Plant Infusion And Much More


On this week’s show, we have Tom Stavely. Tom was thrust into the natural health world by his grandma after she got ill. Ever since then he’s been on a natural health journey that leads him to open his own online shop and store called Ancient Purity where they sell world-class products all over the world.

Amongst other things we talk about a product, he has created to rival CBD oil which is his Whole Hemp Plant Infusion.

In fact, those of you buying CBD oil might be interested to know that a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2017 found that 69% of the CBD products that were tested on the market didn’t even have CBD oil in them.

In the show we discuss:

  • Tom’s journey into the natural health world
  • His Whole Hemp Plant Infusion & the difference between that and CBD oil
  • Why CBD oil isn’t what you’re buying most of the time
  • His approach to health
  • His research travels to the USA
  • The flower of life & much more

Chatting to Tom was great fun and we’ll definitely be linking up to great you guys access to the Whole Hemp Plant Infusion on our website.

You can find Tom here:

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To Your Health & Happiness


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