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67 – Revive Yourself – Sal Di Stefano From Mind Pump On Why Health And Not Look Should Be Your Goal, How His Divorce Impacted His Health, How He Approaches Kids Eating & Technology Use & Much More


About 18 months ago I stumbled across Sal and the other Mind Pump guys whilst looking for interviews with Paul Chek. Needless to say, their interview with Paul was phenomenal (as all of Paul’s interviews are), but there was something about the three Mind Pump guys chemistry and their quest to expose the truth behind the health and fitness industry that has kept me coming back ever since.

Out of the three guys, Sal is probably the one who I relate to the most as he has gone through his own health issues and he is a bit of a health geek himself, so I wanted to get him on the show for you guys to talk about his experiences.

In the show we covered:

  • How Mind Pump started
  • What philosophy behind Mind Pump is
  • Why health and not aesthetics should be everyone’s goal for long-term success
  • Sal’s challenges with divorce, how that impacted his health, and how keeping on top of his health helped him through that period
  • What about going through a divorce has challenged him most
  • How he approaches his kids eating and technology habits & much more

It really was great fun talking to Sal. We could have kept going for hours. He’ll definitely be back on the show for sure.

You can find Sal here:

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To Your Health & Happiness


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