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64 – Revive Yourself – Dr Shawn Baker On The Carnivore Diet


Whether you agree or disagree with today’s guest, he will definitely open your mind. Dr. Shawn Baker of and is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, multi-sport world record holder somebody who has eaten only meat for the last two years.

That’s right only meat, no vegetables, carbohydrates, fruits or fibre. Now I know most of you will be thinking to yourself, “that can’t be healthy’. We’ll all I can say is keep an open mind and listen as Dr. Baker goes into detail why he has had so much success on this diet and makes a very compelling argument for giving it a try.

In the episode we discuss:

  • How he even started eating this way.
  • How he broke the 500m over 50’s rowing world record whilst eating just meat
  • How he’s found many other that have been eating only meat for over 2 decades who look and feeling phenomenal
  • This quality of meat he eats – grass fed vs grain fed
  • His background as a surgeon
  • The work he’s doing healing ill vegans with the carnivore diet
  • How our current Western Medicine system doesn’t treat the root cause & much more

It was a pleasure talking to Shawn and getting to hear his story. We share some common ground with him being an athlete and having played in New Zealand which was great to have a chat about.

More than anything though, when you hear Shawn speak you can tell he is one of the good guys, and all he cares about is helping people get to their goals. Although he is sharing his story on how the carnivore diet is working for him and many people that he works with, he honestly doesn’t care if you’re a vegan, a carnivore or somewhere in between, he just wants what’s best for you, which is a view I share.

You can find Shawn here:

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