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63 – Revive Yourself – Erin Esser & Jessica McGratty of Your Sacred Witness Interview Ryan Live For The First Episode Of Their Revolution Of Evolution Series


Recently I was asked to be involved in a Live Seminar Event by two awesome ladies called Erin Esser & Jessica McGratty who have their own natural healing movement going on called Your Sacred Witness.

The girls have put together a list of 10 guests to talk all about natural health, getting more in tune with your body, understanding the truth behind a lot of the movement in the mainstream news, how to the education system is backward and how you can break free of the system.

I was the first guest in this Live Seminar event and we had a blast.

In the episode we talk about:

  • How I got into natural health and helping people
  • What true health is and what this means for you
  • The 6 pillars of health and steps you can take to step on your wellness path
  • Why Organic farming is completely sustainable and the difference in quality compared with conventional food
  • The way the mainstream brainwashes people into following the crowd
  • How the all or nothing approach actually pushes you backward
  • The real reason people cling to dogmatic nutritional beliefs
  • Why I’m careful when I chose who to work with and much more

This was a really fun interview to do with the girls and I can’t wait to get them both on here for you guys to listen to both their stories too.

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To Your Health & Happiness


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