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60 – Revive Yourself – Scott Jack On Creating A Magnetic Interaction


“60% of all human communication is non-verbal – body language. 30 % is your tone. That means 90 % of what you are saying isn’t coming out of your mouth.” – Alex Hitchins

Since the invention of smartphones, it seems that social interaction is becoming a thing of the past.

People now regularly walk along with a phone 3 inches in front of their face. This means they are missing everything that is going on around them, especially the opportunity to meet that special someone or to hone their interpersonal skills.

Being a healthy individual isn’t just about what you eat, drink, how much exercise you do, and how many toxins you avoid. It also comes down to the state of your relationships, both romantic and unromantic.

As we have talked about on the show before it seems that the demasculinisation of men is well underway so I wanted to talk an expert to see if this was true. Enter Scott Jack who teaches men healthy and effective communication with themselves and women every single day, so they can start to build a life they truly want, without settling, and ultimately breaking out of the social constraints that modern society has brainwashed them with.

(Don’t worry girls, you’ll have you turn, but, this will hugely benefit you too with understanding the mindset of men.)

In the interview we discussed:

  • Scott’s journey into the world of social interaction
  • What are the biggest limiting beliefs for men out there?
  • What the 3 Secret Steps for a Magnetic Interaction are.
  • How to put awkwardness behind you
  • The key differences between women and men in a social interaction
  • Why having the confidence to interact gives you the ability to change your lifestyle & much much more

Scott drops some great practical knowledge here from both personal experience and from his studies into the male and female psyche. It was a really fun and informative conversation and one you shouldn’t miss.

You can find Scott here:

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