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57 – Revive Yourself – Warren Williams On The Importance Of Values, Dreams & Why Your Injuries Aren’t Going To Be Solved By Surgery


“Science is the most updated version of ignorance.” – Albert Einstein

Today we have Warren Williams back on the show for a brilliant conversation where we cover some really interesting topics around health.

For those of you that don’t know, Warren is a holistic health practitioner with a background in martial arts and he has been helping people with all manner of health issues whether they be chronic illnesses, muscle injuries or skeletal problems for over 20 years. He is also a CHEK Level 4 Coach. Warren’s clients range from lawyers and teachers to professional footballers and boxers. He has also consulted for Premiership Football teams.

In today’s interview we covered many topics, and I some of them are going have you scratching your head as well as you getting some big “Ah ha” moments.

The topics we discussed were:

  • Why Surgery Won’t Fix Your Injuries Long Term
  • Why The Symptoms Of Your Injuries Isn’t The Root Of The Problem
  • Why Warren Isn’t A Fan OF Chiropractors And What You Should Do Instead
  • The Importance Of Breathing
  • The Chek Totem Pole And How It Is Used For A Full Body Assessment Like No Other
  • Why Your Values & Dreams Are So Important In Your Overall Health
  • Idiopathic Pain
  • How Hating Your Job Can Lead To Disease & Much More

It’s always great fun interviewing Warren, and he’s going to be a regular guest on our show.

You can find Warren here:

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To Your Health & Happiness


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