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55 – Revive Yourself – Phil Escott Author Of ‘Arthritis, The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me’


Today’s episode is one I can’t wait for you to hear. It’s packed with great information, comes from a different perspective and is straight from the horse’s mouth.

Our guest is Phil Escott the author of ‘Arthritis, The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me’, and we dive into the topics of arthritis and the carnivore diet.

Phil suffered with crippling arthritis for years and tried absolutely everything to stop the pain, or at least he thought he had tried everything, until he came across the carnivore diet.

Since embracing this way of eating his life, and, illness has completely turned around.

This is a conversation you don’t want to miss.

In the episode we discuss:

  • Reversing Autoimmunity
  • Why Arthritis was the best thing to ever happen to Phil
  • Phil’s health journey
  • Phil’s top 10 tips for reversing Autoimmune issues
  • How the Carnivore diet has impacted on his health
  • Deuterium and its impact on health
  • Nutritional dogma & much much more

I could have kept talking to Phil for hours, and, it was actually my fault we had to cut the interview short because I had to get away.

Don’t worry though we will be getting Phil back on the show to continue our conversation.

You can find Phil Escott here:

Enjoy the show and as always don’t forget to share it with your friends and family, as well as writing a review on iTunes.

To Your Health & Happiness


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