100 Years For The RAF – Now It’s Time We Start To Fight Together

To all the brave men and women we see in uniform today, the many that gave their lives in both World Wars, and, to the thousands of people that have turned out to pay their respects to these men and women, I have huge respect for you all.

As for the soldiers who fought in the wars, I can’t even begin to envisage what they went through.


Imagine, in stead of fighting wars…

– which are really set out by the super elite with a hidden agenda –

Where we lose thousands of these brave soldiers every year, we all got together like this to say NO to:

– 5G,
– Killing the Bees,
– Spraying our crops with chemicals,
– Feeding our Livestock with rendered food, soy, plastic pellets etc
– Fracking,
– Destroying the Top Soil,
– Fluoride in the water supply,
– Chemtrails,
– Vaccinations
– Plastic
– Deforestation etc etc

What choice would the government have but to listen to us, and, to change things for the better for all humanity?

The truth is we have the power.

Together we could change the world.

They know this.

They know if we all came together they would be doomed.

They know the only way they can keep their agenda going is to split us into smaller groups.

Groups that argue, and, hate each other.

Groups that don’t care about the truth, but, only about being “right”.

What ever that is.

They do this through politics, “healthcare”, race, religion, gender, social status and lying about our history.

Don’t believe me, then have a look into the work of:

Paul Chek, Dr Gerson, Michael Adams, Dr Mercola, Michael Tsarion, Mark Passio, Lloyd Pye, Michael Tellinger, Jason Christoff, Trey Smith, Zecharia Sitchin, Michael Cremo, Giorgio Tsoukalos, David Hatcher Childress, Erich von Daniken, L. A. Marzulli, Graham Hancock, Robert Schoch and many more.

Do your own independent research.

Go deep into that research with an open mind and start to understand the real reasons behind these deadly practices.

Until more of us do this, the thought of us all coming together to fight these processes that have been set out to destroy our health continues to be a dream.

So keep spreading this information.

Keep researching.

Keep looking for the truth.

Then hopefully one day this dream will become a reality.

Health & Happiness


P.S. To all you soldiers I really do salute you, and I have huge admiration for your courage. But, now it’s time we start to fight together in the war that’s being waged on all of us.

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