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047 – Revive Yourself – Dr Jade Teta On How To Make Your Metabolism Work For You So You Stay Lean & Healthy All Year Round


Today’s guest is Dr Jade Teta. Jade is someone I have wanted to interview for a long time because he delves into a topic that most people know very little about, the metabolism.

Jade’s story is fascinating too because as a medical student he quickly realised that he would have to move away from the medical model if he wanted to get real results with his clients. To quote himself, “I then went to medical school, but because most medical schools in the country had zero training in either diet or exercise I was forced to take a different route.”

That different route meant diving in head first into the alternative health world where he learnt about biochemistry, hormonal metabolism and was able to take extra shifts in counseling, including couples counseling.

But it was the metabolism what really interested him.

So what is the metabolism?

The word metabolism refers to the sum of all chemical reactions that occur in living organisms, including digestion and the transport of substances into and between different cells, in which case the set of reactions within the cells is called intermediary metabolism or intermediate metabolism.

But if that description seems, so simple why does getting your metabolism to work for you seem anything but simple. In fact it seems like your metabolism has a mind of its own.

For example you start to eat less, and after a while you’re body is burning less.

You diet to lose a 2 stone, then you gain 3 back.

It doesn’t make sense, and it doesn’t seem fair.

The logical solution seems to be to eat even less and exercise even more, however as history has proved, that won’t fix your problem. It never has, and never will.

It also won’t fix those “stubborn problem areas” that don’t seem to budge. Lower body fat and bingo wings, for women. Love handles and belly/chest fat in men.

It seems like you just can’t win.

Well in today’s episode with Jade will win discuss exactly how you can start winning and what you need to do to get lean and stay lean all year round.In the interview we discussed: 

  • Jade’s journey into the alternative health world
  • Why keeping you HEC in check is a must
  • Why alternating between periods of eating less, exercising less, and period of eating more, exercising more, can be the key to a lean physique
  • The science behind stubborn fat cells and what role beta receptors and alpha receptors have in this.
  • The Law Of Multitasking
  • The male 6-pack abs formula: (P + V) x (Sl + IE)
  • Specific supplements for targeting lower-body fat in women & much more.

It was a real pleasure speaking to Jade and I know I want to get him back on the show in the future to discuss other topics.

You can find Jade here: or

Enjoy the show and as always don’t forget to share it with your friends and family, as well as writing a review on iTunes.

To Your Health & Happiness


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