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046 – Revive Yourself – Jason Christoff On The End Of The Alpha Male, Why People Aren’t Thinking Clearly & Are Easy To Control, Why Your Vibrational Frequency Is Higher When You Are Healthy & Much More


Are you ready to get you eyes opened and mind blown? If not don’t bother listening to this interview with Jason Christoff.

I first came across Jason on social media when I was told to check out his content by a mutual acquaintance. As soon as I started reading his articles I knew that we’d get along swimmingly and that I wanted him on the show. He’s the only guy I know who puts out more content than me on a regular basis, and as you will be able to tell by this interview his content doesn’t soley revolve around health but also takes a deep dive behind the magic curtain to show people what’s really going on in this world so they understand why our health is being eroded and where these attacks are coming from.

Jason, is a heath coach and health researcher and he has written over 1000 articles in his field, with hundreds of them appearing in newspapers across Canada. He specialises in overcoming self sabotage and addiction. He currently runs a health and wellness studio with his wife in Cornwall Ontario Canada where he teaches holistic living principles.

Jason got into the natural health world when he himself was going through a really tough time with his health and living a life to excess and the pain became to much to bear and he shares his journey with us.

In this interview we discussed:

  • Why People In The Natural Health World Are All Believers In “Conspiracy Theories” & Getting To The Truth
  • Jason’s Own Journey Into Natural Health
  • Why The Global Elite Want To Put An End To The Alpha Male & How They Are Doing This
  • Why People Aren’t Thinking Clearly & Are Easy To Control
  • Why Your Vibrational Frequency Is Higher When You Are Healthy & What That Means
  • Who Benefits From Us Being Sick & Ill
  • How You Can Take Care Of Your Body Naturally
  • Agenda 21 & Much Much More

This really was a fun episode to record. I will definitely be getting Jason back on the show, and he may even become a regular guest because we could talk for hours about these topics, and it is information everyone needs to know more about.

You can find Jason here:

Enjoy the show and as always don’t forget to share it with your friends and family, as well as writing a review on itunes.

To Your Health & Happiness


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