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043 – Revive Yourself – Things I’ll Do Doing This Winter To Avoid The Flu



Any illness, whether bacterial, fungal or viral, shows up in individuals who are “susceptible.”

Your immunity could be low for a number of reasons, including:

– Chronic stress

– Poor diet, especially from eating too much sugar

– Lack of sleep

– Buildup of toxins

– Infections

– Acidic blood

Making healthy lifestyle choices during “cold” and “flu season” (and all year round) will help build defences in your body.

But there are several additional and all-natural steps you can take to arm yourself against the super-contagious colds and flu and I will outline some of them below.

Things I will be doing this winter to avoid getting the flu:

– Getting 7/8 hours of sleep a night

– Drinking 3/4 litres of high-quality water a day

– Eating an Organic diet rich in a variety vegetables and an adequate amount of various meat

– Getting the correct balance of exercise and rest

– Performing Meditation and Yoga

– Visiting an Infrared Sauna once a week

– Optimising my Vitamin D levels

– Supplementing with high doses of whole food organic Vitamin C

– Taking a range of other organic whole food therapeutic supplements

– Drinking supplement strength immune boosting teas

– Eating fermented and probiotic-rich foods

– Staying away from processed and refined foods

– Limiting my sugar intake

– Avoiding vegetable oils and margarine

– Avoiding table salt

– Avoiding white flour

– Avoiding pasteurised dairy

– Avoiding caffeine

– Avoiding soy

– Avoiding gluten

– Avoiding wheat

– Avoiding artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours, preservatives and food dyes

– Avoiding fluoride

– Avoiding chemical fragrances

– Using chemical free skin care

– Staying away from immune lowering carcinogenic chemical washing powder

– Eating healthy fats such as coconut oil and raw organic butter

– Utilising essential oils

– Drinking immune boosting supplement strength teas daily

– Drinking a daily energising, immune boosting and organ cleansing tonic

– Drinking a daily fermented greens drink

– Spending time with friends and family

– Spending time amongst nature

– Spending time outside in the fresh air

– Getting at least 10 minutes of direct sunshine a day

– Taking time to do things I love

Things I won’t be doing to avoid getting the flu:

– Getting The Flu Jab (article on this to follow)

In summary

The words “flu season” strike fear in the hearts of most of the British public but this shouldn’t be the case.

In our war against bugs such as bacteria, we have created a harsh environment that has caused more dangerous bacteria to evolve, like antibiotic-resistant bacteria superbugs from antibiotic overuse.

The solution?

Strengthening your immune system – using the methods I outlined above – from the inside out will provide protection against bacteria, viruses, and parasites while supporting your gut with good bacteria will help to fight any infection that comes your way.

Health & Happiness


P.S. I haven’t had the flu or a cold in 9 years which I’m sure is down to luck

P.P.S. Studies show us that 85% of people who get the flu jab get the flu – so without even mentioning the ingredients, is 15% chance of “immunity” really worth it?

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